Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Deer Christmas Decor

Today I'm sharing with you some of my top pics for deer themed christmas decor! I know there are plenty out there, and this little list probably doesn't even scratch the surface, but I wanted to share some of my personal favorites that caught my attention! I know I mentioned in my Christmas Tree post how I'm so not over the deer craze for christmas decor this year and figured I would show you a few more reasons why. And if you aren't either, than this post is for you! I compiled some of my favorites in deer - themed christmas decor, fully linked so you can get yours too, or make your own!

Throw Pillows
Craftberry Bush

Shabby by Melissa

Painted Fox

Clean & Scentsible

Thoughts from Alice

City Farmhouse


Shabby by Melissa

And of course my free Christmas Printable, a deer as well!

Ok, and please oh please tell me I am not the only who hasn't officially started their christmas shopping yet?!! I mean I think I have grabbed 1 or 2 things here or there, but no where near started, almost finished or done! I have big plans to get it done by this weekend, so next week I can just rest, and make christmas cookies with the kids. However I think my major Christmas miracle this year is I actually got our package to my inlaws in the mail EARLY! That totally counts right? Usually I'm headed to the post office the week of christmas, 2 days before christmas, one year I think it even went out after christmas (oops), but thankfully that is one thing I can cross off my list!

And THANK YOU to all who entered the Holiday GIVEAWAY!! I was so thrilled how many people were excited to enter, and I will announce the winner by the end of the week!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Woodland Glam Christmas Tree

I mentioned in my Christmas Home Tour that I would share more details on my tree, and I'm here today to do just that! My tree really helped spur on the rest of my decor, which honestly it pretty much does every year. I get stuck in christmas paralysis where I can't really decorate the rest of the house, until the tree is done. For me, the tree sets the pace, and thankfully I'm not in a Design Star contest with David Bromstad yelling in the background "TIMES UP!!". For me it's a process, just like in decorating anything else. I start thinking, I get a vision, I start collecting, start installing, and BAM vision comes to life. This year I was craving a little extra oomph to my 'Pinecones & Mercury Glass' theme from last year, and I was quite pleased with the outcome.

Of course I wanted to add more deers this year. After seeing my free christmas printable, you had to have guessed I had deers on the brain. So that got the ball rolling in the woodland department. As much as I adore those cute little owl and squirrel twig ornaments I wasn't 100% sold that was the direction I wanted to go. However I did love the idea of incorporating some grapevine to highlight the woodland feel. The only problem is grapevine garland proved hard to find. Then I saw this beauty, and the wheels started turning. Surely I could deconstruct the wreath and wrap it around my tree?! Well the wreath was so pretty when it arrived I contemplated it, for 2 days!!! I finally got up the courage to tackle it, at 5:30 at night, when naturally is the time you feed your kids dinner ( I don't know why my 2nd wind of project mode comes into play then, but I promise you my kids did have something for dinner that night!). I know what you are all thinking, did it just magically unroll? Not quite. There was a lot of cutting involved, a huge mess of debris tangled in my jute rug,
 but there was success. 

I did say my theme was "Woodland Glam", I love mercury glass, and all things shiny. I used sparkley pinecones, and champagne and silver colored ornaments throughout the tree.

I found three little white deer heads at Joanne's, and they even shimmer!
I alternated the grapevine garland with this beautiful ivory and burlap ribbon from Save-On-Crafts. 
I was SO impressed with the quality. I've seen similar ribbon at other store before, but not the nicest made. This ribbon was so soft it almost felt silky, and had just a hint of wiring too it, so it fell naturally, but could hold a bend if I needed it too. Me thinks I must stock up for next year!

Not to mention it ties in perfectly with our Angel! She has a very soft burlap dress that has a silver sparkle over the whole thing. She was a gift from my mom a few years ago. And secretly I kinda love that she has brown hair, because that's my natural hair color too! Odd the things we relate with :) I am in no way an angel. But my kids think I am, so that is super sweet!

I hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at our tree, and don't forget to check out my Holiday GIVEAWAY. I picked all of my favorite go-to decor items and gathered them all in one pretty giveaway for one lucky reader! 

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I hope you are having a Wonderful holiday season!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


As I mentioned yesterday in my Christmas Home Tour, I have a very special holiday giveaway for you today! It's special, because all of the items in the giveaway, I hand picked, and are my most favorite items to decorate with for the holidays! If you enjoyed my christmas home tour, well now is your chance to bring a little rooms FOR rent decor into your own home!

There's a little bit of everything in here for you! I listed a breakout below, but I just wanted to bless one lucky reader with a little christmas cheer of their very own! All of the items I chose, bring a smile to my face when I decorate with them, and I hope they'll do the same for you!

These are my go-to, my first choice when it comes to decorating, and I can't wait to share them with you. One lucky reader will win a set of six mercury glass votives for extra sparkle throughout your house, along with one large and two medium sized mercury glass ornaments. I also included a set of four book page ornaments I make myself.

A large Yankee Candle tumbler of "White Christmas" my favorite holiday candle. It fills my house with the smell of the holidays whenever it is lit. Twelve hand stamped holiday tags and pretty bakers twine to go with. And for the ultimate in christmas decor, the lucky winner will receive a $50 store credit to Shabby by Melissa for the decor of their choice!
(The antler bunting shown in the photos is one of the items from her shop)

To enter it's simple.
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Good Luck, Winner will be announced on Dec. 17th!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Woodland Glam Christmas Tour {2014}

Welcome!!! I'm so glad you are here today!! Before you continue onto my christmas home tour, click here, in case you missed my post from yesterday where I shared a bit of my heart, and my heart for you, yes YOU, as we celebrate this wonderful season, and not allow ourselves to get stuck in the trap of not feeling good enough :)

I feel like today is the grand finale from my entire year of blogging. As this past year comes to an end {which I can't even believe I'm writing!} it feels like it all comes down to Christmas! Which I absolutely love. I mean why not end the year with a BANG!! And I L.O.V.E. seeing everyones beautiful christmas home tours year after year! The other reason I feel like it's the grand finale, is because this post has to single handedly have the most pictures than any other post I've done this year. So welcome, come on in, and I hope you'll stay awhile and relax.

I figured there was no better way to properly welcome you, then to have you enter our house as if you were truly here. We live in a country setting, in a traditional New England house built in 1846. It has been fully updated, but we love all the charm and character it still has.

We have a farmers porch that runs down the side of the house, which leads straight into the kitchen. We use this as our main entrance, so come on in!!

Our kitchen is primarily white, and painted Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore. So I focused on bringing in simple touches of fresh greenery. I love how it pops against the white, and brings in just the right amount of holiday spirit.

On our island, this tray usually houses our fruit bowl and a white pitcher of fresh flowers, but for winter I filled it with different sized mason jars filled with faux snow, bottle brush trees, and pinecones.

It sparkles just enough, while still feeling like a wintery display
 that can stay up even after christmas.

To the left when you walk through the door we have a bench with crates underneath 
to hold all our shoes.

Here's where I displayed our Advent calendar, which you can read more about here.
My vintage maple syrup bucket is constantly changed out for the seasons.
For christmas I filled it with fresh pine and juniper branches, along with these beautiful lit snow covered branches, you can find them here

On the other side of the kitchen I hung a beautiful boxwood garland to display our christmas cards on as they come in the mail.

It's the perfect spot to display them, and remind me of all my family and friends I am so thankful for. 
The boxwood garland is also from Save-On-Crafts. They have some beautiful boxwood selections at great prices, it was hard to not scoop them all up!

Our back mudroom gets the same simple touches carried throughout the rest of the kitchen.
Simple pine branches strung together and tied with twine.

Looking back into the kitchen we come into the rest of the house.

You pass through the dining room, which we will come back to {promise}, 
and enter the living room.

After finally getting my neutral rug, I was already dreaming of decorating for a neutral christmas.
Using cremes and whites, and tans for a soft glow of warm winter whites. 

You may remember my Between You & Me sign from here. The adorable antler pillow is new from Shabby by Melissa, as well as the grey stag pillow in the photo above.

I pretty much sprinkled mercury glass everywhere I could, anyway I could! 

For our coffee table, I filled the tray with my large glass hurricane stuffed with pinecones and a white candle. I surrounded the hurricane vase with more mercury glass, fresh cedar and an antler.

For our tree this year, I used a lot of the same ornaments from last year,
 and added to it. 
Of course I filled it with my most favorite mercury glass ornaments, 
and a mix of other silver and champagne colored ones. 

First you might have noticed there are no presents around that metal bucket under the tree, we wait and put them out on christmas eve. Our 2 munchkins are totally wrapped up in the fairytale of Santa, so we play along while it lasts. 

I wrapped the entire tree in this ivory and burlap ribbon, which tied in with the rest of the colors in my decor. Next for the grapevine garland, I deconstructed this wreath, also from Save-On-Crafts, which let me just tell you it was difficult for 2 reasons. First, it was so pretty as is, I toyed with the thought of leaving it alone and using it as decor in it's original form, and second trying to start the deconstruction process was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. It made a huge mess, but now that's it's finished and on the tree, my vision has come to life, and I think it's totally worth it!

I will share more on all the details going into our tree later this week, along with these cute white stag ornaments I picked up!

As mentioned previously this plush grey stage pillow is made by the lovely Melissa, who is offering one lucky reader an item from her shop as apart of my holiday giveaway!! There will be more details at the end of the post you won't want to miss.
The white plaid pillow is from H&M, and the tan cable knit pillow I got 2 years ago from HomeGoods.

The dining room and living room flow openly with white columns diving the two rooms, 
so with the open concept I carried the same feel into here as well.

I kept the table simple, with just my favorite tray from Painted Fox in the center. 
I filled it with my most favorite christmas items, which I love having all in one spot 
together to gaze at.

On the opposite end of our dining room is my recently refinished dresser
that serves as a buffet.
If you caught my Between You & Me christmas sign reveal
than you recognize this area.

If you didn't, than you can click here to see more on that. This vignette has to be my favorite throughout the entire house. For me the icing on the cake is the fresh garland I made cascading over the whole thing. I'm not gonna lie, I will have a hard time seeing this bad boy go!

Before you walk back into the kitchen, I have three black wall ledges I love to change up throughout the year. I kept them simple this year with a few seasonal touches, and mostly just adding fresh greenery.

Even though our presents aren't out, wrapping has begun. And even though it drives my husband crazy, I like to coordinate our gift wrapping with my christmas decor. He doesn't get it,
but the designer in me goes wonky when I see something that doesn't match!

All the wrapping paper you see here is either from TJMaxx or HomeGoods. I think they know what they are doing when they place them in the checkout line while you wait to go to the register. I swear one or two rolls always end up in my cart before leaving!

I like to use simple twine, and compliment it with sparkly mini ornaments, hand stamped gift tags, and fresh sprigs of whatever I have left over.

Thank you so much for stopping by! 
I hope to have spread some christmas cheer to you today. 

If you liked what you saw here today, I have a great holiday giveaway for you tomorrow. Filled with my favorite holiday decorating decor, and go to items for christmas. One lucky reader will receive these items before christmas, to use them in this years decor, if you want to!

And it's not too late, if you still have had your eye on a Between You & Me sign for christmas decor, 
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To keep the fun going there are some more lovely tours lined up today:
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